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Repeater Detail for W4LET

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System Information
Callsign: W4LET
State: TN
Country: USA
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/memphisdstar
Gateway Registration URL: https://memphisdstar.com
Gateway Enabled: YES
DSTARMonitor Enabled: YES
ARRL Listed: NO
Frequency Information
2 Meters (Usually "C" Node): 145.06000MHz +1.400
70 Centimeters (Usually "B" Node): 443.98750MHz +5.000
23 Centimeters Voice (Usually "A" Node): N/A
23 Centimeters Digital Data 1297.30000MHz
Additional Information
We Are Closing In on the problem with the 2Meter Dstar Node It appears to be a combination of faulty power pole insulators and mixing with a nearby FM Broadcast Tower We are working with the power company and the broadcast engineer to resolve the problem. The 440Mhz Has Great Coverage All Around And this system is open to any amateur operator with a valid license

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on W4LET
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
KA2BSM 02/19/18 05:11:07 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD
W5ETJ 02/19/18 02:15:30 UTC REF004 Dongle User DVD
KD5LAP 02/19/18 01:54:00 UTC W4LET Dongle User DVD
KC5GGE 02/19/18 00:39:47 UTC REF001 Dongle User DVD
KB4JC 02/18/18 19:47:10 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
K0AAJ 02/18/18 18:16:33 UTC REF030 C 2 Meters DVD
N2FTV 02/18/18 13:24:18 UTC REF058 Dongle User DVD
KF4DLK 02/18/18 06:00:59 UTC REF032 Dongle User DVD
KI4GIU 02/18/18 00:14:04 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
KD4NOQ 02/17/18 22:58:06 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
KJ4NSF 02/17/18 17:11:28 UTC WB4KOG B 440 MHz
KK4ZZZ 02/17/18 02:14:12 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
KE5RHM 02/16/18 02:40:51 UTC REF058 A 1.2GHz DVD
KA4BLL 02/12/18 20:30:28 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
KW4RJ 02/12/18 14:40:51 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz
KW4RJ 02/11/18 07:10:46 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD
NS4B 02/08/18 09:48:55 UTC WB4KOG Dongle User DVD
KA2BSM R 02/07/18 05:02:32 UTC W4LET C 2 Meters
AC4GE 02/05/18 19:39:18 UTC W4LET B 440 MHz

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